Matt Chat: Goofy Gamer

(Above: Gamers Jimmy Wong and Parker Coppins. Source: YouTube video)

What shows would kids recommend to other kids?

In our “Matt Chat” column, The Savvy Screener’s Laurie Pasiuk talks to her 11-year-old son Matthew about programs he likes to watch.

Today, Matt – home from school and social distancing – talks about Parker Coppins, the popular YouTube gamer who also hosted the Disney XD show Parker Plays, which ran for 21 episodes over two seasons (2017 to 2018). Repeats now air on Disney XD at various times.

Parker Plays seems to be something of a streaming scarcity, although you can watch episode one of season two right here:

You can also find a bunch of free game-playing and comedy videos on Coppins’ YouTube channel, ParkerGames. Below, Matt explains why they are so addicting.

Laurie: Tell us about Parker Coppins.

Matt: He makes videos of himself playing all these cool video games and posts them on YouTube. I found him on DisneyXD and then I subscribed to the YouTube channel. He is also on TikTok.

Laurie: Do your friends also watch him?

Yes, they like him a lot. Since we can’t see each other, we watch a lot of YouTube and DisneyXD, and this is one of the shows we like to watch.

(Above source: YouTube video)

Laurie: Why do you like watching the Disney XD show so much?

Matt: Because it’s basically YouTube but on TV. It’s funny how he reacts when he gets killed in video games. My favorite part of the show is when they scare the heck out of Parker. When he plays horror games, he sometimes gets really scared and screams a lot. His favorite scary games include Tattletail, Emily Wants to Play, Wick, and Hello Neighbor. It took him a couple of episodes to beat the full game of Tattletail.

He uses Face Rig to change his face, putting animals and stuff over it. “Parker Plays Sports” is another segment where he plays a sports announcer called Tag Jetson, and he calls out his moves when playing sports-type games.

Laurie: Do you get tips and tricks for when you play the games later on?

Matt: Not really. I don’t watch it for that. I just like seeing him play the games and do crazy things. YouTubers like him made me make my own channel, but I don’t post a lot. I’m watching people like him on YouTube to see what makes people laugh.

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  1. ok well you see I don’t have YouTube account or Instagram or anything like that so I can’t watch parkergames live in which i would like to but i have watched his YouTube videos and i watch his tv show on Disney xd and to me parkergames is the god of all gaming because he helps me calm down when I’m frustrated .


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