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(Above: the exodus of Jews from Egypt through the Red Sea made out of sea shells. Source: betweentheshells.com)

Between the Shells, a 45-minute documentary about an Iranian-American-Jew who has been making amazing historical sculptures out of seashells for more than half a century, premieres tomorrow, May 8, at 10 pm ET/PT on JLTV.

The art – depicting characters from the Old Testament, Persian mythology and more — reflects Jalil Harooni’s journey from growing up as an Iranian Jew during World War II to living through Iran’s Islamic Revolution in 1979 and finally migrating to the US after the Iran/Iraq War in the 1980s.

Between the Shells, JLTV
(Above: Rostam Persian Mythology Arch Hero of Shahnameh or Book of Kings)

Filmmaker Shirin Raban is herself an Iranian-American-Jew…and an artist, whose work was first celebrated by Harooni in Teheran when she was a seventh grader in 1981.

After its May 8 debut, Between the Shells will air June 6 at 3 pm ET, August 1 at 8 pm ET/PT, August 22 at 5 pm ET, September 19 at 10 pm ET/PT, and November 29 at 3 pm ET.

JLTV streams live at jltv.tv/watchjltv.php in addition to availability on DirecTV and some cable systems.

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