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A press release from distributor World Wide Motion Pictures Corporation (WWMPC) alerted The Savvy Screener to the existence of Filmocracy, an indie film streaming service now beta testing, but scheduled to launch on Tuesday, May 5. (You can attend the digital launch party, 8-10 pm ET, by RSVP’ing on Facebook.)

Filmocracy is described as a gamified platform that rewards users (7,000 of whom are in the beta test) for watching and rating any of the over 2,000 movies and counting. The rewards come in the form of virtual currency (dubbed “popcorn”), which can then be redeemed “for prizes, gift cards or cash.” In addition, users who earn the most popcorn each month will share 10% of Filmocracy’s revenue.

Here’s a September demo on how Filmocracy works:

We were able to register quickly and easily for free access this morning, getting 300 popcorns for our effort. We found films grouped under 13 categories, and special lists for distributors Fantasy Network (e.g., 2047 Virtual Revolution, sci-fi from Australia, 2016), Bounty Films (e.g., Pipe Dream, comedy from France, 2015) and First Focus International (e.g., Black Widows, comedy from USA, 2016)

Users rate each film from one to five in the categories of plot, dialogue, cinematography, performances, music/sound and characters. Aggregate ratings are then overlaid on each film, helping other users make better viewing decisions.


Since you can accumulate more popcorn by watching more movies, we wondered if perhaps users might want to get ahead by watching shorter films. While that theoretically shouldn’t affect film ratings, a search this morning found that Filmocracy’s 18 highest-rated beta titles were shorts, led by Everybody Does It, a 2015 comedy. You can watch it right here (NSFW, if there are kids around your home office), but without popcorn rewards:

Movies coming to Filmocracy from WWMPC include the family dramas Lovely Patient (2014) and Red Roses and Petrol (2003, starring Malcolm McDowell); an LGTBQ comedy Pop Kowboy (2012); Rusty Steel (2014, action/adventure); Welcome to Eden, a 2009 documentary featuring Daryl Hannah; Dancers, a new documentary from Spain featuring dance styles and cultures from around the world; and Skin Deep, a documentary series about tattoo artists.

Filmocracy is free, unless you want to spend $7.99 monthly or $60 annually to remove ads and access “additional content and features.”

For more, visit filmocracy.com.

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