‘The Running Mate’

(Above: Denis Conway in ‘The Running Mate’ on MHz Choice. Source: YouTube video)

Ready to brush up on your Irish Gaelic?

Today, April 28, the four-episode 2007 satire The Running Mate comes to subscription streamer MHz Choice.

The show focuses on Vincent Flynn (Denis Conway), pub-owner, county councilor and lifelong member of the conservative-centrist leaning Irish Republican party Fianna Fáil. Vince takes on the local political machine when he runs as an independent against a corrupt local representative (Eamonn Hunt). An alcoholic ex-teacher (Don Wycherley) is Vince’s loose cannon of a campaign manager. He is supported by Vince’s pregnant daughter (Linda Bhreathnach) and a party old-timer (Frank Kelly).

MHz Choice will debut episodes of The Running Mate on Tuesdays through May 19.

The series is in Irish and English, with English subtitles. MHz’s blog also provides a short glossary of terms for those looking to boost their Gaelic vocabulary.

MHz Choice costs $7.99 monthly (or $89.99 yearly) after a seven-day free trial. But you can get 50% off your first month by using the promo code SPRING20. For a device list, to learn what other subtitled international series are available, or to subscribe, visit mhzchoice.com.

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