Love, Ukrainian Style

(Above” ‘Heart to Heart,’ source Eurochannel)

Chernobyl: Aftermath and Heart to Heart, two four-part Ukrainian dramas dealing with the enduring power of love…and with offspring needing transplants…will premiere on Sling TV’s Eurochannel this week.

Chernobyl: Aftermath (2016, debuts tomorrow, April 22, 9 pm ET)

Spanning 30 years, the story starts with Lera taking a job as a teacher in Pripyat, USSR, where Igor, a young lieutenant, falls for her while she falls for Vitas, a nuclear engineer. In episode two, the Chernobyl nuclear plant explodes and they all get separated, but not before Lera starts caring for Vitas’ now-motherless baby. In episode three, it’s 2016 and both men suddenly come back into Lera’s life. By episode four, Vitas Jr. can only survive with an organ transplant from his father. (Note: this miniseries is also available to Amazon Prime subscribers, or $2.99 for non-subscribers.)

Heart to Heart (2018, debuts Thursday, April 23, 9 pm ET)

A young, beautiful and recently engaged career woman finds her life turned upside down when a young boy knocks on her door. Not only does the boy claim to be her son, but he could die in a few months unless he gets a heart transplant.

Both Chernobyl: Aftermath and Heart to Heart are subtitled in English. You can stream them and Eurochannel’s entire schedule as part of Sling TV’s English International package — which comes with a $15/month Sony/Hindi subscription. See for more info.

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