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(Above: Marc Lavoine in ‘Walter Presents: Kepler(s).’ Source: YouTube video)

This weekend Amazon Prime add-on channel PBS Masterpiece will premiere thrillers focusing on an unusual protagonist and an unusual antagonist – Walter Presents: Kepler(s) on Friday, April 17, and The Widower on Saturday, April 18.

Walter Presents: Kepler(s) (season one, six episodes)

The protagonist, French cop Samuel Kepler (Marc Lavoine), has dissociative identity disorder, with three other individual personalities fighting for control. Following a botched police operation, Kepler is transferred to a small police station, where, it is hoped, the slower pace will help him rebuild his life.

He is soon forced back into action when the body of a girl is found at a refugee camp, and teamed with fellow officer and anti-immigrant immigrant Alice Haddad (Sofia Essaïdi). In order to solve the case, Kepler(s) will “have to investigate himself at the same time.” 

Marc Lavoine in 'Walter Presents: Kepler(s)
(Above source: YouTube video)

The show, in French with English subtitles, aired originally on France 2 last year,

The Widower (three episodes)

The antagonist and star of this miniseries, based on a true story, is Malcolm Webster (Reece Shearsmith), a seemingly mild-mannered British gentleman and male nurse whose first wife (Sheridan Smith) dies in a traffic accident. Four years later, he starts anew in New Zealand with a second wife (Kate Fleetwood).

Beginning with their wedding night, however, she suffers from unexplained blackouts. As she investigates, she begins to suspect that her new husband had a hand in his first wife’s death. Then he disappears, reappearing in Scotland. When she learns of his whereabouts, she tries to persuade a Scottish detective (John Hannah) that her husband is a killer in search of his next victim.

Jeff Pope, who co-wrote the screenplay for Philomena, co-wrote and executive produced The Widower, which aired originally on Britain’s ITV in 2014.

Amazon Prime subscribers can get PBS Masterpiece for an additional $5.99 a month following a seven-day free trial.

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