Where’s Agatha Christie?

(Above: Ruth Bradley as Agatha Christie. Source: YouTube video)

What happened to renowned British writer Agatha Christie during her 11-day disappearance in December 1926? That historic mystery is the basis of Agatha and The Truth of Murder, a 2018 film that imagines the novelist secretly embarked on solving a real murder.

In this account, Christie (Ruth Bradley) dons a disguise in order to find the culprit in the bludgeoning of a wealthy woman. Christie is assisted by the murdered woman’s lover (Pippa Haywood), but soon finds that tracking a killer is a lot trickier and more dangerous than any plot she has invented for her novels.

The cast includes Life on Mars’ Dean Andrews, Victoria’s Bebe Cave, Notting Hill’s Tim McInnerney, Chernobyl’s Ralph Ineson, and A Very English Scandal’s Blake Harrison.

The film aired originally on the UK’s Channel 5.

You can stream Agatha and The Truth of Murder with an Amazon Prime or Netflix subscription or rent it starting at $3.99 from Amazon, Google Play, iTunes and YouTube.

In reality, Christie’s disappearance has been the fodder of much speculation – and books – but there has never been a consensus about what actually happened. The event transpired during the collapse of her marriage to first husband Archie and set off a massive public search. She was located eventually at a hospital in Yorkshire, registered under the last name of her husband’s lover. Was it a bout of amnesia? Revenge against her husband? Or simply a case of writer’s block?

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