Social Distancing Network

Free streamer Social Distancing Network (SDN,) designed to educate school-aged kids with entertaining content, has launched with 12 short videos divided between elementary school, middle school and high school audiences.

Titles include Playing Pool with the Planets, which uses a sports analogy to teach both elementary and middle school students about the solar system, and How to Change a Tire, which teaches a practical skill to high schoolers.

“We’re hopeful that launching SDN now will encourage people to stay inside and reduce their amount of physical interaction so we can crush the curve,” said James Thayer, director of digital content for SDN parent Crush It TV. “And if we can bring a little levity and joy to people right now, that’s pretty great, too.”

Although Social Distancing Network is free, its Nashville-based producers are asking for donations to enable them to produce new content while hiring displaced workers in the local entertainment industry.

Social Distancing Network
(Above image source: Social Distancing Network)

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