Free Linda Hamilton Pilot

(Above: Linda Hamilton, courtesy ‘Shoot Me Nicely’)

You’re invited to a live-streaming premiere of Shoot Me Nicely, a comedy pilot starring Linda Hamilton and John Behlman, with cast and crew doing a simultaneous chat with viewers.

When: Wednesday, April 1, 9 pm ET

Where: Click or tap on to go directly to Shoot Me Nicely’s YouTube feed. Or watch the show live right here:

Shoot Me Nicely explores the New York City art and fashion world through the eyes of a former top photographer (Behlmann) who is now forced to take odd jobs to pay the bills. Hamilton plays his agent who attempts to sell his new paparazzi photos, and William Sadler is a conservative talk show host who has had a secret exposed by the photographer.

Here’s a trailer:

“People around the world are in isolation. This seemed like a fun, unconventional way to give viewers a laugh, some escapism, and to feel connected,” said Elias Plagianos, who wrote and directed the show. “That’s an essential part of our job, and in these difficult times it is our responsibility.”

The Shoot Me Nicely pilot has been playing on the festival circuit since 2017. Wednesday’s streaming premiere is being presented by Zero Channel, a digital content provider, in partnership with Long Island’s North Fork TV Festival, which screened the pilot three years ago.

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