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(Above: ‘The Schouwendam 12.’ Source: Vimeo video)

Acorn TV has temporarily extended its free trial period from seven to 30 days due to the COVID-19 pandemic (be sure to use promo code FREE30 to sign up).

Today might be an opportune time to start sampling the service, as two thriller series make their debuts:

The Schouwendam 12 (Dutch, with English subtitles)

The Schouwendam 12 (2019) is a 10-episode sequel series to the 12-episode The Oldenheim 12 (2017), also available on Acorn TV.

In The Oldenheim 12, starring Noortje Herlaar and Nasrdin Dchar, a teenage girl disappeared, followed shortly thereafter by a second disappearance, triggering paranoia and suspicion in a small Dutch village.

In The Schouwendam 12, another Dutch village must confront two disappearances – this time it’s two teenagers, Olaf and Alice, who vanished in the summer of 1995. When someone resembling Olaf shows up 25 years later, the residents are forced to confront the mysteries again – with new fatalities.

The Schouwendam 12 on Acorn TV
(Above: ‘The Schouwendam 12.’ Source: Vimeo video)

(You can watch a trailer at Acorn TV.)

The sequel stars Gijs Naber, Matthijs van de Sande Bakhuyzen and Eva Laurenssen.


Set in Liverpool’s underworld, this drama follows two vice-squad detectives (Samantha Womack, Mark Womack) as they as they go after drug pushers, porn barons, pedophiles and pimps who run the city’s crime syndicates.

The series, which consists of two six-episode seasons, first aired on ITV from 1998 to 1999.

You can also can stream Liverpool for free on Tubi or with an Amazon Prime subscription.

For more info, visit Amazon Prime subscribers can get an Acorn TV add-on channel for $4.99 monthly, also with the extended free trial period.

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