Ficto’s 6-Month Isolation

(Above: Courtney Pauroso in Ficto’s ‘Hermit’)

Welcome to earlier times. In the new streaming series Hermit, a woman hasn’t left her apartment in six months. That sounds like an ominously prophetic drama, except Hermit is a comedy filmed before self-isolation became an ongoing reality for millions of Americans.

Hermit debuted yesterday as part of the open beta launch of Ficto, a free short-form mobile streamer that’s beaten higher-profile subscription competitor Quibi out of the gates by less than two weeks.

Hermit, one of 29 series available through Ficto’s app for iOS (Android promised soon), is written, directed and produced by Courtney Pape and stars another Courtney — Pauroso –as the “hermit.” It consists of eight episodes, all from one to three minutes in length.

For a Hermit trailer, visit Vimeo.

Ficto’s other series include:

Tom & Granta five-episode comedy starring The Flash’s Tom Cavanagh and Grant Gustin as two bumbling would-be crooks. Cavanagh, a 2002 Golden Globe nominee for Ed, also wrote and directed.

Real Artists — a three-episode sci-fi drama set in the near future about a young animator (Tiffany Hines) who discovers the truth behind a movie studio’s creative process.

Represent – with this year’s Summer Olympics postponed, surfing fans will need to wait a bit longer to see the sport’s debut on the big stage, but this upcoming docu-series, which follows the journey of Carissa Moore and Caroline Marks onto the US team, may help.    

As with Quibi, all episodes of Ficto series are 10 minutes or less.

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