Lampooning Woke Culture

(Above: Megan Nager and Jordana Lilly. Source: YouTube video)

Megan Nager and Jordana Lilly are a self-described Jewish comedy rap duo with an unforgettable name – Bitch Mitzvah.

Their specialties include lampooning woke culture and online influencers.

Bitch Mitzvah, Megan Nager, Jordana Lilly
(Above source: YouTube video)

The team’s latest music video, “Bandwagon Activists,” takes on “the hypocrisy behind a great deal of social activism.” The video ”isn’t a political statement. It’s a statement on mob behavior and the desire to belong,” the producers said.

Nager also plays a YouTuber, Chaz Paul, in the first episode of a planned web series called Influential. In the premiere, the would-be sensation gets his buddy to shoot him with a time machine nerf gun.

Nager is the host of Therapy for the Right-Brained, a podcast which discusses mental health and entertainment culture. Lilly has worked with such comedy groups as UCB, Groundlings, and the Hollywood Fringe.

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