Free Rivit-ing Pilots

Rivit TV allows viewers to decide how much to pay towards full seasons of shows based upon free pilots.

When we first wrote about the service’s launch in July 2018, it was streaming the pilot of a Kevin Smith stoner comedy, Hollyweed. Turns out that was just a beta test. Rivit TV launched for real yesterday, with three new free pilots.

Coyote Hills is about a female high school reporter investigating a mystery (Veronica Mars, anyone?).

La Leona is a Spanish-language drama (subtitled in English) about a wrongfully convicted female ex-con out for revenge.

Fabric of Lies is a melodrama taking place in the world of high fashion about a woman investigating her sister’s mysterious death (co-created by Carolina Rivera, a producer/writer for Jane the Virgin).

Here’s how Rivit TV works:

Until May 14, you can watch the pilots free and pledge between 99 cents and $2.99 per episode (or nearly $60 total at the latter price) for a full 20-episode season of the show of your choice. If the season gets fully funded during a 50-day window, production will start. Eventually, you’ll get access to your favorite show (probably at a price lower than your pledge because the price goes down based on the number of pledges). You’ll also be able to watch the other two shows.

Confused? Consult Rivit TV’s “How It Works” page or the following video:

As of this morning, the service had reported $435,701 in pledges.

Rivit TV is currently available at, with iOS and Android apps promised soon.

Rivit TV

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