Socially Distanced Movies

(Above source: Ultimate Outdoor Entertainment)

An Austin-based company, Ultimate Outdoor Entertainment, says it has the solution for movie-goers seeking a safe, public viewing experience – mobile drive-ins.

The idea combines the latest technology with an old idea. The 1950s were the heyday of drive-ins, when audiences parked their cars in giant lots to watch films on big outdoor screens. Drive-ins were both communal and isolating.

(Above source: Ultimate Outdoor Entertainment)

UOE rents and sells “drive-in” screens of varying sizes, depending on the size of the watch party. Its offerings go as large as 52 x 26 feet, enough for 200 cars. The company says it also has “super-bright” mobile LED screens, enabling day-time showings.

“Having the ability to start movies well before sunset is something that traditional projection screens simply can’t do, and it lets us start movies earlier,” said Laura Landers, UOE CEO and owner.

The company claims that in the past few weeks it has “received many requests” relating to morning church services, graduation ceremonies, and other outdoor community events.

“Obviously people are doing a lot of things online and through virtual services, but a drive-in gives people a way to feel somewhat connected while still keeping safe distances,” said Darrell Landers, UOE’s founder and CTO.

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