Classics to the Rescue

For the next seven weekends, Antenna TV will come to the aid of stuck-at-home viewers with themed marathons (mostly pandemic-related) of classic sitcoms from noon to midnight ET.   

Need news, but not too recent?

The first “Binge TV for Free” theme will turn Antenna TV into an “all-news” channel, with Murphy Brown (celebrating on top) this Saturday, March 28, followed by NewsRadio on Sunday, March 29.

Go out to eat and drink

“Mel’s diner remains open” with Alice (pictured below) on Saturday, April 4.

Alice on Antenna TV

“Archie’s Bar remains open” with Archie Bunker’s Place on Sunday, April 5; and ‘Above the Top remains open” with It’s a Living on Saturday, April 18.

Back to the classroom

“School’s still in session” with Head of the Class on Saturday, April 11 and Welcome Back, Kotter (below) on Sunday April 12.

Welcome Back, Kotter on Antenna TV
(Above: ‘Welcome Back, Kotter.’ Source: IMDb)

Gather folks together

“Spend the day with family” on Saturday, April 18, as The Partridge Family holds forth and with Family Ties on Saturday, May 5. And “Spend the day with friends” on Sunday, April 19, with Three’s Company.

Visit the doctor!

“The doctor is here for you” with Becker on Saturday, April 25.

Watch sports

Coach is in action on Sunday, May 5.

Celebrate special occasions

It’s a Wings 30th anniversary marathon on Sunday, April 19. And you can spend Mother’s Day with Facts of Life’s Mrs. Garrett on Sunday, May 10.           

The Facts of Life on Antenna TV
(Above source: YouTube video)

How to Watch

You can watch Antenna TV for free even if you don’t subscribe to cable, satellite or telco TV by using…as its name implies…an antenna hooked up to your TV set.

Visit Antenna TV’s Channel Finder to locate your local station.

You can also watch any of the shows above in their regular Antenna TV time slots. Visit for schedules.

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  1. Hello,
    I’d like to know how to set up my TV (or lap top) to watch Murphy Brown on Antenna TV?
    I looked for instructions, (but too many confusing ads)

    Do I need to buy an antenna? If so where to get one?
    Thanks so much–I love Murphy Brown!


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