‘Pompeii: Disaster Street’

(Above: ‘Pompeii: Disaster Street.’ Source: CuriosityStream)

Subscription streamer CuriosityStream looks to dig deep into one of the ancient world’s most notorious — and visited — calamities with the documentary Pompeii: Disaster Street, debuting Thursday, March 19.

Disaster Street follows archaeologists over 10 months as they excavate layers of stone and ash to reveal clues about what life was like in the famous Roman city 2,000 years ago.

Italy and the EU funded the “rescue archaeology operation” in a neglected area of Pompeii, seeking not only to restore mosaics and architecture, but to uncover details about the people living in the city at the time of Mount Vesuvius’ eruption in 79 AD.

The filmmakers used photogrammetry, a technology that renders a 3D image of streets and houses, to recreate the city. Such details as rooms, street graffiti, and dynamic frescoes were based on photographic copies from the excavation site.

Mosaic from Pompeii Disaster Street
(Above source: CuriosityStream)

CuriosityStream costs $2.99 monthly or $19.99 annually, both with seven-day free trials. 4K reception costs more — $9.99 monthly and $69.99 annually.

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