Prime’s ‘ZeroZeroZero’

(Above: Gabriel Byrne and Dane DeHaan. Source: YouTube video)

ZeroZeroZero is not a prime number, but an eight-episode Amazon Prime series debuting tomorrow, March 6.

Based on Robert Saviano’s 2013 investigative book of the same title, the show follows the journey of a massive cocaine shipment from the Mexican cartels who manage its production to the Italian crime syndicates who handle global distribution to the American businesses who control the enormous drug revenues.

The Death of Stalin’s Andrea Riseborough stars as Emma Lynwood, who oversees her father’s shipping company and “is forced to make life-changing decisions” to save the business. The Amazing Spiderman’s Dane DeHaan is Emma’s younger brother, who must step in to help the family business while coping with a degenerative genetic disease. In Treatment’s Gabriel Byrne is the father “willing to put business before everything.”

The series also features an international cast from Mexico and Europe. They include Harold Torres, Giuseppe De Domenico, Adriano Chiaramida, Noé Hernández, Tchéky Karyo, Francesco Colella and Claudia Pineda.

ZeroZeroZero on Amazon Prime
(Above: ‘ZeroZeroZero.’ Source: YouTube video)

ZeroZeroZero was filmed on location in Mexico, Italy, Senegal, Morocco, and the US.

It was produced by Amazon Studios, Cattleya (a part of ITV Studios) Bartlebyfilm for CANAL+ and Sky Studios.

For more information, visit Amazon.

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