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(Above source: Soulidifly)

SoulVision.TV, a streamer focused on “authentic and positive human stories,” will debut tomorrow, February 14 – Valentine’s Day.

Soulidifly, SoulVision.TV’s parent, promises more than 200 hours of long-form and short-form programming dealing with “fame, heroism, love, exploration and excellence.”

Content will include:

Eat.Sip.Social – An original cooking show hosted by celebrity chef J. Ponder

The Story of Ed – A series about a pastor’s fight with ALS

Being 98 – An elderly friend helps another get back something she has lost

Biorhythms – A biographical talk show

Small Biz Chat – Small business advice

The Walkers – A cartoon about a family dealing with life and health care issues

Jammed – A short video about a shooter turned faithful.

The service also expects to add titles via partnerships with film festivals.

Soulidifly didn’t announce whether SoulVision.TV will be a free or subscription service.

“We live in a 500-channel world, and all too often it’s the same thing: crime TV, drama TV, violence TV. Traditional TV has become so stressful,” said BK Fulton, founding CEO of Soulidifly Productions and chairman of SoulVision.TV. “SoulVision.TV is a place to find positive, often untold, human stories accessible to anyone on the planet.”

In November, Soulidifly released Love Dot Com: The Social Experiment, an “opposites attract” romantic comedy set in Washington, DC, starting at $3.99 on AmazonRedbox and Vudu.

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