WatchYour.TV Launches

TVS Television Network, which already offers dozens of free classic TV/movie “microchannels” over Dailymotion, has launched 18 similarly focused linear channels over a new free streaming service, WatchYour.TV.

The channels are:

  • The eponymous TVS Television Network, offering “mixed programming” (we tuned in this morning to find OJ Simpson front and center in an episode of the ‘80s HBO sitcom, 1st and Ten)

Six more channels will be added this month, according to TVS’ Facebook page. TVS also said it will produce 500 new shows annually.

Not only can you watch each WatchYour.TV channel live, but the service’s “DVR (Catch-Up)” feature allows you to scroll through hourly thumbnail photos of each channel’s offerings over the past seven days and stream that programming as well.  

You can currently access WatchYour.TV online, or via apps for Android, Roku and Fire TV.

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