‘Bret Maverick’ Marathon

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Bret Maverick, a 1981-1982 NBC sequel to the 1957-1962 ABC comedic western, Maverick, gets a free 10-hour marathon tomorrow, February 1, on GetTV.

James Garner stars in the title role – an anti-hero, poker-playing con artist who’s nonetheless ethical and loveable. In the sequel, he’s settled down in one town, rather than roaming from town to town in search of his next score as he did during the first three seasons of the original series. (Garner left due to a legal dispute and was replaced, for a while, by future James Bond, Roger Moore.)

GetTV’s Saturday marathon of Bret Maverick will run from 10 am to 8 pm ET. The series regularly airs 3 pm Sundays on GetTV, which you can get free by hooking an antenna up to your TV set and finding your local station at “Get the Channel.” (It’s also available on cable in many markets.)

The original Maverick runs regularly on two other over-the-air channels – 6 am weekdays on Heroes & Icons, and 10 am Saturdays on MeTV (yes, you can watch Maverick tomorrow instead of the first episode of GetTV’s Bret Maverick marathon).  Visit the “Where to Watch” pages of Heroes & Icons and MeTV for your local channel numbers.

If you do tune in to Maverick, don’t be surprised if you don’t see James Garner – or if you see someone else who looks a lot like him. Bret would alternate on a weekly basis with his brother Bart (Jack Kelly). After Garner left the show, Moore played cousin Beau, only to be replaced by Robert Colbert, a Garner lookalike, as a third brother. Brent.

Before Bret Maverick, Garner had reprised the character in a 1978 ABC movie, The New Maverick, and briefly in a brief 1979-1980 CBS series, Young Maverick. After Bret Maverick, he’d appear in the 1994 theatrical Maverick, which starred Mel Gibson as Bret. (Spoiler alert: Although Garner plays a Marshal, there’s a surprise at the end about his relationship to Bret).

Streaming options

You can purchase the one and only season of Bret Maverick (17 episodes) from Amazon, Google Play and other providers for $24.99, or individually at $1.99.

You can also purchase the original Maverick (five seasons, 124 episodes) from Amazon, Google Play and other providers — $24.99 for each of the first four seasons, $17.99 for the final season, or $1.99 per episode.

The New Maverick isn’t available to stream, but all eight episodes of Young Maverick are available to Starz subscribers.

The Maverick movie, which also stars Jodie Foster, can be rented for $3.99 or purchased for $12.99 from a host of sources, including YouTube, Vudu and iTunes.

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