Acorn TV Gets ‘Dead Lucky’

(Above: Rachel Griffiths in ‘Dead Lucky.’ Source: YouTube video)

Dead Lucky, an Australian crime drama series that made its US streaming debut on Sundance Now in 2018, comes to sister subscription streamer Acorn TV this Monday, January 20.

Australian actress Rachel Griffiths, known to American audiences as Brenda Chenowith in HBO’s Six Feet Under, stars as detective Grace Gibbs. Gibbs is obsessed with nabbing the armed robber who killed her junior officer. Gibb’s new trainee, Charlie Fung (Yoson An), was also the deceased officer’s best friend and blames Gibbs for his death.

In addition, an international student disappears, convenience store operators resort to violence, and there’s a dangerous fugitive. When they all intersect, two people are left dead and one missing.

The four-episode miniseries aired originally in July 2018 on the SBS-TV Australia channel.

Acorn TV costs $5.99 monthly, with a seven-day free trial. For more info, visit Or Amazon Prime subscribers can get an Acorn TV add-on channel for $4.99 monthly, also with a seven-day free trial.

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