MHZ Shuts Down Worldview

MHZ Networks, which specializes in international mystery series, announced an end to its free, over-the-air, non-commercial channel, MHz Worldview, on March 1.

Since launching MHz Worldview 12 years ago, MHZ Networks has expanded into subscription streaming with MHz Choice and, most recently, an ad-supported channel, MHz Now, over Samsung smart TVs.

Unlike MHz Worldview, neither MHz Choice nor MHz Now supplements its mysteries with live English-language news from such sources as France 24, Germany’s Deutsche Welle, and Al Jazeera.

MHz Worldview is currently running in 26 markets. Tonight’s typical schedule includes France 24 Live from 7 to 9 pm ET, followed by a three-episode arc of Sweden’s Sandhamn Murders from 9 pm to midnight.

To placate MHz Worldview viewers who might miss Sandhamn Murders, France’s Captain Marleau, the Swiss-Belgian Banking District, and many more shows, MHZ is now offering 50% off the first six months of MHz Choice, which costs $7.99 a month after a seven-day free trial. They just need to use promo code WORLD20 at checkout. The code, however, can’t be used for MHz Choice’s add-on channels at Amazon Prime, Xfinity X1 and The Roku Channel

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4 thoughts on “MHZ Shuts Down Worldview”

  1. It is just the wonderful TV series. I enjoy the WorldView version with France 24 and other international news programs. The new MHz Choice is not a good substitute. It’s a shame that a station that could bring the news and culture from around the world is not doing it anymore. This is why MHz is special. It’s always about money. MHz worldview is what I need, what we all need. I am not so impressed or addicted to your TV series so much so that you can blackmail me into subscribing to you Choice programs.

  2. Why is WHZ going off the air waives? is it lack of funding, low ratings, or forest out because of competition? I really will miss the international mysteries. I enjoyed watching different police procedures from other countries. I hope you are able to bring WHZ back to American viewers.

  3. Sad that I will no longer be able to enjoy WHZ off air. I particularly enjoyed the international mystery programs, which did not follow the domestic run-of-the-mill plots.


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