The History of Gaming

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Goonies and Lord of the Rings actor Sean Astin executive produces and narrates What You Don’t Know, a 10-episode animated web series exploring the history of gaming.

Created and written by Video Games: The Movie director Jeremy Snead, What You Don’t Know revisits such gaming milestones as the origins of the Xbox, how Mario got his name, the birth of the Pokémon phenomenon and other topics. Season one focuses on video games, with plans for coming seasons to branch into other industries.

Snead’s Mediajuice Studios has already released four short episodes, with a fifth, “Mario’s Name,” to debut this Friday January 17. Subsequent episodes will land each Friday through February 21. You can find them on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

“There are lots of fun little Easter eggs in gaming’s past that most people aren’t aware of and What You Don’t Know was a way for Sean and I to pop the hood on some of those topics and have some fun,” said Snead.

In the debut episode below, Astin talks about the genesis (hey Sega, no pun intended) of the Nintendo PlayStation:

And if you want to do a gaming deep-dive, here’s Video Games: The Movie:

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