#4 The Story of Jesus

(Above: Eric Avari in ‘The Chosen.’ Source: VidAngel)

The Savvy Screener is counting down our most popular 2019 stories.

How appropriate that on Christmas Eve we tell you about our #4 article, “Jesus TV Series.” Having raised $10 million through an initial crowdfunding campaign, The Chosen introduced the first four of an eight-episode debut season last spring on VidAngel, a subscription service that filters streaming content to make it more family-friendly. A second season is in the works, which would make The Chosen, according to its producers, the first multi-season TV series about Jesus’ life.

We invite you to read the April 17 story… and we wish all of our readers a very Merry Christmas!

(Above source: Flickr. Credit: Susanne Nielsson)

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