It’s ‘Hell on the Border’

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The historically based Western thriller, Hell on the Border, currently in limited theatrical release, is also available to buy from Amazon for $5.99.

Set in 1875, the film tells the true story of Bass Reeves (Interstellar’s David Gyasi), the first black deputy US marshal west of the Mississippi River. A former slave, Reeves seeks to become a lawman in Arkansas. To win the job, he is tasked with tracking down outlaw Bob Dozier (Captain America’s Frank Grillo) in the heart of Cherokee Nation. Assisted by Charlie Storm (Hellboy’s Ron Perlman), Reeves must deal not only with the dangers of police work, but severe discrimination.

The real Reeves was made a US marshal by Judge Isaac C. Parker. Reeves served as marshal in Fort Smith, AR, and later as a police officer in Muskogee, OK. According to the film’s producers, he arrested more than 3,000 felons, as well as shooting and killing 14 outlaws in self-defense.

The cast also includes The Walking Dead’s Jaqueline Fleming and Baywatch’s Vernon Davis.

Wes Miller wrote and directed.

Hell on the Border comes from Soulidifly Productions.

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