‘V Wars’ Vampire Series

(Above source: YouTube video)

V Wars, a 10-episode sci-fi/horror series about a mysterious disease that changes people into blood-sucking predators, will debut Thursday, December 5, on Netflix.

Based on Jonathan Maberry’s books about a genetic-mutated outbreak that leads to war between vampires and humans, the series star Ian Somerhalder as Dr. Luther Swan whose best friend, Michael Fayne (Adrian Holmes), is the first to be infected. As Swann races to figure out why people are transforming into monsters, his friend rises to become the powerful underground vampire leader.

The cast also includes Jacky Lai (Kaylee Vo), Peter Outerbridge (Calix Niklos), Kyle Breitkopf (Dez), Laura Vandervoot (Mila Dubov) and Kimberly-Sue Murray (Danika Dubov). 

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