‘Dennis the Menace’

(Above: The cast of ‘Dennis the Menace.’ Source: Wikiimedia)

Starting Thanksgiving Eve at 8 pm ET, over-the-air channel Antenna TV will run all 146 episodes of Dennis the Menace (CBS, 1959-63), the classic sitcom based on Hank Ketcham’s comic strip about a rambunctious boy who becomes the bane of his neighbor’s – i.e., Mr. Wilson’s – existence.

The series stars Jay North as the title character, with Joseph Kearns as the perpetually antagonized George (Mister) Wilson, and Herbert Anderson and Gloria Henry as Dennis’ parents. Upon Kearns’ untimely death in 1962, Lucy sitcom stalwart Gale Gordon took over as George’s tormented cousin, John Wilson.

Dennis the Menace also airs daily on Antenna TV. For a schedule, visit Antenna TV.

You can watch Antenna TV for free even if you don’t subscribe to cable, satellite or telco TV by using…as its name implies…an antenna hooked up to your TV set.

Visit Antenna TV’s Channel Finder to find your local station.

Streaming Options

Don’t get Antenna TV? There are several free streaming options for Dennis the Menace, including Shout Factory TV, Tubi and Vudu. The series is also available with Amazon Prime and Hulu subscriptions.

You can watch the first episode, courtesy of Shout Factory’s YouTube channel, right here:

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