Decades’ ‘Batman’ Binge

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Over-the-air channel Decades will host an 86-episode binge of the 1960s’ Batman series this weekend.

The marathon kicks off Saturday at noon ET with back-to-back “The Joker is Wild” and “Batman is Riled” episodes, in which the clown-faced fiend (Cesar Romero) escapes prison and fights Batman with his own knock-off utility belt (‘holy patent infringement, Batman’).

Other two-part episodes will include Burgess Meredith in “The Penguin Goes Straight”/”Not Yet, He Ain’t,” The Riddler (Frank Gorshin) in “The Ring of Wax”/”Give ‘Em the Axe,” and Catwoman (Julie Newmar) in “The Cat’s Meow”/”The Bat’s Kow Tow.”

There will also be guest-villain turns by Mister Freeze (George Sanders), King Tut (Victor Buono), Zelda the Great (Anne Baxter), Bookworm (Roddy MacDowell), Two-Face (Malachi Throne), The Mad Hatter (David Wayne) and the most “egg-cellent” Egghead (Vincent Price), among others.

The campy superhero show, which lasted a total of 120 half-hour episodes over three seasons on ABC (1966-1968), also featured regulars Alan Napier as Alfred, silent film leading man Neil Hamilton as Commissioner Gordon, Stafford Repp as Chief O’Hara, and Yvonne Craig as Batgirl (season three). The first two seasons consisted of double-episodes, famous for their cliffhangers narrated by co-creator William Dozier (“same Bat time, same Bat channel.”)

For the complete schedule, visit To find the Decades channel number in your area, either over-the-air or on cable, visit

You can also catch back-to-back Batman episodes Saturdays and Sundays at 7 am ET on over-the-air channel Heroes & Icons. Visit Heroes & Icons to peruse its complete schedule and find where to watch in your area.

Individual Batman episodes are available to buy for $1.99 from YouTube and other sources.

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