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(Above: ‘This is Our Christmas’. Source: YouTube video)

Faith-based channel UpliftTV will show films from sister streamer Parables as part of its Cinemas Saturdays at 7 pm ET this month.

The films, which you will be able to watch online for free as they broadcast, include:

This is Our Christmas – November 16

The Foxworth family, which is spending Christmas with Aunt Maggy (Nancy Daly), try to perform a Christmas miracle by saving her bakery from foreclosure. The cast also includes Ronn Moss, Donna Spangler, Brandon Russell and Vincent de Paul.

Old Rugged Cross – November 23

This town ain’t big enough for two pastors. Pastor Luke Wolfe (Michael K. Johnson) has two ambitions – run the only church in town and marry its pretty pianist. But his plans go awry when Pastor Evan Shephard (Donald James Parker) arrives and rents the vacant church building formerly known as Old Rugged Cross. The drama also stars Juli Tapken, Amelia Mann and James Alcorn.

Mission Improbable – November 30

Matthew (Mike R. Tinker) has had a fortunate life. He was able to earn a degree in theology from Harvard and secure a sweet pastoral gig. But when God sends him a dream in the night, he must reconsider his priorities. The cast includes Cameron Arnett, Juli Tapken, Robert Gobelet and Donald James Parker.

UpliftTV started this month’s Cinemas Saturdays on November 9 with How to Beat a Bully, the story of Cory (Grant McLellan) a kid who moves to a new town, where he becomes the target of school bullies. He scares off the bullies by saying his father is a mob hit man (he’s not). That lie soon attracts the real mob, which puts his dad in a bind. Cory must make things right.

You can stream How to Beat a Bully and other faith-based content on-demand at Parables. You can register to watch Parables for free, with ads; or subscribe for $5.99 monthly ($57.99 annually) for commercial-free streaming and access to Parable’s 24/7 live channel.

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