Tubi’s Dolemite Binge

(Above: Rudy Ray Moore in ‘Dolemite.’ Source: IMDb)

Have you seen Eddie Murphy’s new Netflix feature, Dolemite is My Name, in which Murphy plays comedian and ‘film auteur’ Rudy Ray Moore? Ready to dig deeper into Moore’s career?

Tubi is currently streaming – for free – six Moore titles that showcase the unique low-budget blend of raunchy comedy, fantasy and horror that inspired the Murphy movie:

Dolemite (1975)

Released from jail, Dolemite (Moore) is a pimp who, with his all-women Kung-Fu fighters, take on the criminals and corrupt police who framed him. The cast includes Lady Reed, Jerry Jones and D’Urville Martin, who also directed. Moore and Jones wrote the script.

The Human Tornado (1976)

Caught with a sheriff’s wife, Dolemite flees to California where he helps Queen Bee (Lady Reed) and her Kung Fu prostitutes battle a local gangster. Also starring Jimmy Lynch.

Petey Wheatstraw (1977)

This time Moore goes by the title character name, a man who, having been murdered by his rivals, makes a deal with the devil. He is resurrected so he can exact revenge on his killers – but he must marry the devil’s daughter, the world’s ugliest woman. The cast includes Jimmy Lynch and Ebony Wryte. Moore co-wrote the script with Cliff Roquemore, who also directed.

Disco Godfather (1979)

Moore is Tucker Williams, a retired cop who becomes the famous “Disco Godfather.” When his nephew Buck (Julius Carry) flips out on angel dust, the Disco Godfather becomes the neighborhood avenger, going after the drug dealers. Also starring Carol Speed and Lady Reed.

The Legend of Dolemite (1994)

In this documentary, Moore talks about his career. The film includes appearances by Paul Mooney, Ice-T, Mike D. and LaWanda Paige.

We couldn’t find a trailer for The Legend of Dolemite, but the following clip of Moore on Arsenio in 1994 captures some of the magic:

Shaolin Dolemite (1999)

Dolemite travels to Shaolin to help monks stop ninjas, Tupac (Eugene Thomas) and Ninja Ho (Alice Tseng), from taking over the martial arts world. The film includes re-dubbed footage from a 1986 Taiwanese Kung Fu film, Ninja: The Final Duel. The cast includes Alexander Lo and William Yen.

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