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(Above: Senior White House Advisor Jared Kushner. Source: YouTube video)

On Friday, November 1, Hulu debuts the first three hour-long episodes of VICE Investigates, a 10-episode docuseries delving into controversial issues from around the globe. Subsequent installments will drop once per month, starting in December.

VICE Investigates will tackle such topics as the geopolitical conflict between Iran and Saudi Arabia, “the seldom seen human side of K-Pop rockstars,” and intersex and transgender athletes.

The first three episodes are:

“Amazon on Fire” – Brazilian politics are undermining efforts to save the Amazon rain forests from devastating, potentially planet-threatening fires. The episode includes interviews with French President Emmanuel Macron, an outspoken critic of Brazil’s actions, as well as indigenous people and ranchers.

“Russia’s War on Hip-Hop” – Hip-hop has become popular in Russia, much to the dismay of the Kremlin. The Russian government blames hip-hop artists for drug use, violence, and other social ills. The episode profiles “Russia’s most controversial musicians to explore artistic freedom under Putin’s governance.”

“A Middle East Divided” – With tensions escalating between Iran and Saudi Arabia, this episode visits Yemen, Israel, Bahrain, and Lebanon to examine “the Middle East’s ever-changing geopolitical landscape.” The episode includes interviews with Senior White House Advisor Jared Kushner and Brian Hook, the man behind Trump’s Iran policy.

For more information, visit Hulu.

Back in June, HBO ended its relationship with Vice.

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