Arsenio’s ‘Smart & Classy’

(Above source: YouTube video)

Arsenio Hall returns to the stage tomorrow, October 29, with a Netflix stand-up special, Smart & Classy.

The comedian, who has hosted several talk shows over the past several decades, reflects on the challenges of doing stand-up in today’s political climate. He also talks about winning Celebrity Apprentice and his upcoming sequel to Coming to America.

Eddie Murphy, during a recent appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, said that he and co-star Hall are nearly finished filming that sequel. Murphy, who has also been long absent from the stage, said Barack Obama has encouraged him to pick up the mic again:

You can rent Coming to America (1988) starting at $2.99 from YouTube and numerous other providers.

Murphy’s new movie, Dolemite is My Name, debuted on Netflix October 25.

For more on Smart & Classy, visit Netflix.

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