Markiplier’s Museum Heist

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A Heist with Markiplier, which debuts on YouTube Wednesday, October 30, puts you in charge of a mission impossible.

The comedic gamer and YouTube personality Markiplier, aka Mark Fischbach, places his fate in the viewer’s hands. His mission? Rob the world’s most secure museum of its treasure. There are 31 possible endings and the entire special consists of 61 videos. Some choices result in pay-dirt – and others in a dirt nap – for Markiplier. Viewers learn to overcome obstacles as they go along – at Markiplier’s expense.

The interactive film is produced by Markiplier and Rooster Teeth.

The special is a follow-up to A Date with Markiplier, his Valentine’s Day 2017 sequence of videos in which the viewer goes on a dinner date with the gamer. There are 14 possible endings. Things start rather ominously, as an irate, butter-knife wielding chef threatens a deadbeat Markiplier. “Pay” the check or “Don’t Pay?

Additional options such as “Attack” and “Don’t Attack” are presented with each subsequent video until the story reaches its conclusion.

Want to see how all the scenarios play out? Check out this graphic on Fandom.

Markiplier, with more than 24 million YouTube subscribers, has gone from gamer personality to brand. In addition to videos and an ongoing international tour, he has his own Twitch channel at There’s also Markiplier clothing available for purchase on his website.

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