Free ‘Love’ From CBS

(Above source: CBS)

The entire 22-episode first season of Love Island, the American version of the British romance and relationship reality series, is now available to stream free at and via the CBS mobile app.

The first five episodes will also be ad-free for a limited time.

The streaming debut kicks off with a reunion of host Arielle Vandenberg, narrator Matthew Hoffman and the cast for the first time since the finale.

The series, which aired this summer, brought together single “Islanders” in a villa in Fiji. Every few days, the participants needed to “couple-up.” Those who failed in this quest risked being kicked off the island. In addition to wooing partners, Islanders also needed to seduce viewers who ultimately voted on the one winning couple. Both romance and money were at stake.

Love Island will return for a second season in the summer of 2020.

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