‘Garden Party Massacre’

(Above source: YouTube video)

The plot description for the slasher comedy Garden Party Massacre, now streaming on Amazon Prime, could be written on a cocktail napkin.

A backyard party goes “awry as an unexpected guest arrives. With a pickaxe. And an attitude.”

The cast includes Andy Gates, Nichole Bagby, Lise Hart, Dawna Lee Heising, Matt Weinglass and David Leeper.

Director Gregory Blair, who also stars in the film, previously helmed Deadly Revisions (2013), which you can also watch on Amazon Prime. In that flick, horror writer and filmmaker Grafton Torn (Bill Oberst Jr.) wakes from a coma, only to find he has lost his memory. He turns to hypnotherapy while convalescing in a quiet, remote cabin, only to have nightmares that spill over into his waking life.

If you’re not an Amazon subscriber, you can also stream Deadly Revisions for free, with ads, on Tubi; or rent it, sans commercials, starting at $1.99 from YouTube, Google Play and other providers.

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