A Goldbergs Yom Kippur

(Photo: Gertrude Berg, creator, writer and star of ‘The Goldbergs.’ Source: JLTV)

We’ve already written about tomorrow’s episode of The Goldbergs (8 pm, ET, ABC), when four members of the Cheers cast will visit. We’re now letting you know about another episode of The Goldbergs tomorrow (3 pm, JLTV), when the family observes Yom Kippur, the holiest day in the Jewish Year.

Huh? The JLTV episode is a rerun from 65 years ago today, October 8, 1954, of TV’s original sitcom titled The Goldbergs. Set contemporaneously in the 1950s, three decades before the 1980s setting of the current series, these Goldbergs were decidedly more ethnic than the ABC bunch. But, as JLTV points out, this particular episode “took a brave and bold step” by prominently featuring a Jewish holiday on national TV. 

The episode concludes with the Cantor’s Concert Ensemble, directed by pianist/composer Vladimir Heifitz, performing the holiday’s Kol Nidre service:

Yom Kippur, which starts at sundown tonight and lasts till sundown tomorrow tonight, is the Jewish Day of Atonement and a day of fasting. The 1954 episode, which takes place on a Yom Kippur eve like today, is titled “A Sad Day.” Tomorrow’s episode of the current Goldbergs, airing after the fast ends, is titled “Food in a Geoffy.”

The Goldbergs hung around for five seasons in the early days of TV – on just about everywhere but ABC. The comedy began on CBS, moved first to NBC, then to the Dumont Network, which aired the Yom Kippur episode, and finally into first-run syndication. In all, more than 100 episodes were produced.

The series runs regularly on JLTV weekdays at 3 pm and Thursdays at 9 pm, when the Yom Kippur episode will run again this week.

JLTV streams live at jltv.tv/watchjltv.php in addition to availability on DirecTV and some cable systems.

You can also stream the Yom Kippur episode of The Goldbergs for free from Tubi or buy it for $1.99 from Amazon. It’s episode #30 out of 71 total episodes offered by Tubi and Amazon for free viewing or purchase respectively.

Shanah tovah!


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