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(Above: Diahann Carroll in ‘Dynasty.’ Source: YouTube video)

Diahann Carroll, who died Friday at 84, won a Golden Globe for playing Julia (NBC, 1968-1971) — a nurse, a single mother of one, and TV’s first show starring a non-stereotyped black female. She then received an Oscar nomination for her very next role, as Claudine (1974), a single mother of six on welfare.

Unfortunately, neither Julia nor Claudine can be found on a streaming service. So we’ll settle for the following clip and trailer:

Fortunately, Carroll’s career as an actress and singer began a decade before Julia and continued many decades past Claudine, so you still have plenty of streaming choices.

We’ll start with her very first TV acting role: a 1955 episode of CBS’ General Electric Theater, starring Harry Belafonte and Ethel Waters, with host Ronald Reagan. You can stream it right here:

For an even younger Carroll, visit free streamer Tubi to watch her sing a couple of standards as a guest on CBS’ The Red Skelton Show in 1954. “A star is born,” proclaims Skelton.

Besides Julia, Carroll was a regular on one other TV series: as Dominique Deveraux, the unlikeable half-sister of millionaire Blake Carrington, on ABC’s Dynasty from 1984 to 1987. Here’s her first scene:

Amazon Prime subscribers can stream the entire Dynasty series, which ran for 220 episodes over nine seasons from 1981 to 1989.

Carroll’s final TV role was a recurring one in USA Network’s White Collar crime drama, the one where Matt Bomer co-starred as a con man turned FBI undercover man. Hulu subscribers can stream all 81 episodes of the six-season, 2009-2014. series.

Here, in honor of Diahann Carroll, is “one more for the road”:

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