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(Above: Andy Borowitz. Source: YouTube video)

The New Yorker columnist Andy Borowitz, whose satire is sometimes parroted as fact by irony-impaired politicians and pundits, brings his tongue-in-cheek commentary to PBS.

Retro Report, a one-hour news magazine produced by a non-profit of the same name and hosted by Celeste Headlee and Masud Olufani, debuts tonight at 9 pm ET on PBS stations (but check your local listings). A second episode will air Tuesday, October 8, at 9 pm.

You can also stream Retro Report on or the PBS video app.

Each episode will explore four separate stories, seeking to provide “new insights into how today’s events have been shaped by the past.” Andy Borowitz will close each show with “Now It All Makes Sense,” a segment featuring the humorist’s unique take on American politics and society.

Tonight’s episode will, among other things, draw a line between social media’s addictive power and psychological experiments conducted in the 1950s; connect recent NFL protests to the socially volatile year of 1968; look at how Wall Street women fought harassment before #MeToo; and explain why pythons are invading the Everglades. Borowitz will also compare political ads to cigarettes.

Tomorrow’s installment will discuss how data from DNA websites is used to solve cold cases; drug rules stemming from one pill’s side effects; curing screen addiction; and Americans’ ambivalence about robots. Borowitz will then explain his objection to “no news.”

The series will continue Mondays and Tuesday nights through October 29.

Future segments will show how President Trump’s strategy for dealing with the press echoes a previous president, how texting may be able to reduce suicide rates, and why a global warming solution could derive from a Cold War concept.
Borowitz will also take on the “no-apology apology,” TV bullying and Trump’s Space Force.

If you’re unfamiliar with Borowitz’ satirical stylings, here he is at The New Yorker Festival in 2018:

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