A Very Brady Weekend

(Photo source: Decades, MeTV)

On a Friday night 50 years ago, The Brady Bunch got together for the first time. To celebrate, over-the-air channel Decades will air a 42-hour Brady marathon this weekend. It will include not only episodes from the original series, but from two subsequent series, as well as several made-for-TV movies.

The fun gets going Saturday at 1 pm ET with episodes from the original 1969-1974 ABC series running through Sunday at 7 am. Then, it’s 24 hours of sequels: including the short-lived 1981 NBC series, The Brady Brides (aka The Brady Girls Get Married), the short-lived 1990 CBS series, The Bradys, and the films Growing Up Brady (2000), The Brady Bunch in the White House (2002), The Brady 500 (1990), The Bradys on the Move (1990) and The Bradys: Big Kids, Big Problems (1990).

For specific times, consult the complete schedule at decades.com/binge.

We couldn’t help notice though that ABC’s short-lived 1977 series The Brady Bunch Variety Hour is missing from the Decades lineup, so here’s the pilot episode (which aired in 1976):

While Decades is showing episodes of the Bradys at noon on Sunday, you might want to switch over to sister channel MeTV’s regular two-hour Brady Bunch block for four specially selected iconic episodes from the original series: “The Honeymoon,” “Confessions, Confessions,” “Her Sister’s Shadow” and “Dough Re Mi.”

If you’d rather watch your own favorite Brady Bunch episodes, all 117 of them are available to Hulu subscribers. The first four seasons are also available to Amazon Prime and CBS All Access subscribers.

For local channel numbers of this weekend’s broadcasts, visit the “Where to Watch” pages of Decades and MeTV.

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