Dropout’s ‘Game Changer’

A game that can’t be mastered.

This Friday, September 20, CH Media‘s subscription comedy streamer Dropout will launch Game Changer, a game show that changes format with each new episode. Dropout plans to release episodes each Friday through October 18.

CollegeHumor cast members are the contestants, starting each round without knowing the rules. They must figure them out as they try to win. There’s no learning from the previous week’s game, as each episode offers a completely new set of rules and challenges. There are physical challenges (e.g., smashing vases upon request) and mental challenges (e.g., solving an impromptu murder mystery). To add to the unpredictability, friends of contestants make unannounced appearances. (Talk about testing a comedian’s improv skills.)

Game Changers is executive produced by Sam Reich and David Kerns.

CH Media, which is also the parent company of the youth-oriented CollegeHumor, Dorkly and Drawfee, launched Dropout last year. It costs $4.99 a month or $47.92 annually ($3.99 a month x 12), with a seven-day free trial.

For more information, visit Dropout.tv

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