Rare ‘Raymie’ and Others

(Above: David Ladd in ‘Raymie.’ Source: rarefilmm)

In search of rare films? Then you might want to check out rarefilmm.

Last April The Savvy Screener wrote about a site that calls itself “the cave of forgotten films.” Rarefilmm, curated by “Jon W.,” resurfaced after a more than one-year absence. Its library currently has more than 1,600 titles, with plans to add more. You can either stream them or download for later viewing — all for free.

Here’s a quick survey of a few recent rarefilmm additions:

Raymie (1960)

A nine-year-old boy (David Ladd) dreams of catching a legendary giant barracuda known as Old Moe. When Raymie finally lands the fish, he decides he doesn’t want to see it destroyed.

The cast includes Julie Adams, John Agar, Charles Winninger and Richard Arlen, who starred in Wings (1927), a silent classic and the first Oscar winner for Best Picture. Frank McDonald directed.

In a noteworthy piece of trivia, Jerry Lewis sang the title song. That trivia, however, is not all that trivial. It helps explain why Raymie has been rarely seen – until now.

(Source: IMDb)

According to Jon W., Raymie was never released on home video due to a dispute between the Lewis and Ladd estates. It only became available recently when a 16mm print was found at a TV station.

Portrait of a White Marriage (1988)

This comedy is a nod to the 1977 mock talk show Fernwood Tonight starring Martin Mull as host Barth Gimble and Fred Willard as dim sidekick Jerry Hubbard. Mull plays a talk show host named Martin Mull, who decides to broadcast a show from a small Ohio town. Mull’s appearance threatens the marital bliss of Hal (Willard) and Joyce (Mary Kay Place) Harrison.

The Simpsons’ Harry Shearer directed and is in the cast. Mull co-wrote the script.

Unmasked (1950)

What would Perry Mason say? A sleazy tabloid newspaper editor (Raymond Burr) borrows money from his lover, the wife (Hillary Brooke) of a rich theatrical producer (Paul Harvey), and promises to marry her when she gets a divorce. The husband, however, refuses to grant her a divorce and takes back all the money and jewelry he has given her. The editor then kills her, takes all his IOUs and jewelry, and frames the husband for the murder. This film noir includes Robert Rockwell as Detective Lt. James ‘Jim’ Webster and Barbra Fuller as the theatrical producer’s daughter.

L’Air de Paris (1954)

Andre Menard (Roland Lesaffre) is a promising young amateur boxer from an impoverished background who is mentored by former pro Victor Le Garrec (Jean Gabin). His career takes a nosedive when he falls for the wealthy Corinne (Marie Daëms). Directed by Marcel Garné. In French, with English subtitles.

(Above: Roland Lesaffre and Jean Gabin in ‘L’Air de Paris.’ Source: IMDb)

For links to all titles, visit rarefilmm.com/films-index.

Have rare film suggestions?

Jon W. has a long wish list of lost films he’d like to add and is asking film collectors for their help in finding them. Just remember to follow these guidelines.

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