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Unfamiliar with the no-holds barred comedic stylings of Bill Burr? If you’re a Netflix subscriber, here’s your chance to become better acquainted.

First, Burr has a new standup special about the state of the world debuting tomorrow, September 10.

In Bill Burr: Paper Tiger, recorded at the Royal Albert Hall in London, the raunchy comedian gives his take on Michelle Obama’s book tour, his problem with male feminists, his hang-ups about baths, and how his personality affects his marriage.

More Standup

Netflix offers two other Burr specials.

Bill Burr: You People are all the Same (2012) skewers plastic surgery, reality TV and gold diggers. You can also watch it in its entirety here:

Bill Burr: Walk Your Way Out (2017), filmed in Nashville, deals with fast food, overpopulation, dictators and gorilla sign language.

Below Burr talks about fat shaming:

Bill Gets Animated

Netflix is also home to Burr’s animated sitcom, F is for Family. The show is a raunchy homage to the 1970s, a time fondly remembered for its free-range kids and political incorrectness. It stars the voice of Burr as a short-tempered, foul-mouthed Korean war vet who lives in the suburbs with his wife (Laura Dern) and three children.

The cast also includes Justin Long as Frank’s pot-smoking teenage son, as well as David Koechner and Sam Rockwell. Vince Vaughn joined the show as Frank’s new neighbor in the third season.

Burr co-created the series with Michael Price, who is also a writer and executive producer for The Simpsons.

Netflix has released three seasons of F is for Family, with a fourth planned for 2020.

Below are some highlights from season one:

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