Silent Western Homage

(Above: ‘Bill Tilghman and the Outlaws.’ Source: YouTube video)

Bill Tilghman and the Outlaws, a nod to the heyday of such silent Western film stars as Tom Mix, William S. Hart and Bronx-born Harry Carey, is now available to rent from Amazon for $1.99 SD/$2.99 HD.

It’s 1915, and Hollywood producer William Selig (Robert Neal Marshall) hires a real-life Oklahoma small-town marshal Bill Tilghman (Ken Arnold) and his deputies to appear in his new western. With Tilghman’s help, Selig also casts real outlaws Cole Younger (Darby Hinton), Frank James (Robert Carradine), and their gang to recreate a bank robbery for the camera. Released from territorial prison, under heavy guard, the outlaw actors “plan to turn the tables on the law in one last attempt to regain their lost fame.”

Wayne Shipley directed. Dan Searles wrote the screenplay.

Johnny Crawford, who played Chuck Connors’ son in the classic TV western The Rifleman, is also in the cast.

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