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Valerie Harper died August 30 at 80 years old, but her iconic character, feisty Rhoda Morgenstern, will happily live forever in reruns.

That being the case, where can you see Rhoda’s hour-long wedding episode that became the second-most-watched TV program of all time when it first aired in 1974? (Even Rhoda couldn’t beat the birth of Little Ricky on I Love Lucy two decades earlier).

Rhoda’s not on any subscription streaming service, but you can attend “Rhoda’s Wedding” for free right here. Several guest stars from The Mary Tyler Moore Show show up as Rhoda runs into a series of complications on her wedding day:

If you have an antenna hooked up to your TV set (or get the channel via cable or Dish Network), you can also watch “Rhoda’s Wedding” free this Sunday, September 8, at 7 pm ET as part of a MeTV tribute to Valerie Harper.

MeTV’s event begins at 5 pm with four Rhoda-centric episodes of The Mary Tyler Moore Show:

Rhoda, the Beautiful” – Rhoda enters a beauty contest but continues to put herself down.

Is a Friend in Need” – Rhoda loses her job, but Mary doesn’t tell her about an opening at her TV station.

A Girl’s Best Mother Is Not Her Friend” – Rhoda’s mother (Nancy Walker) visits.

Where There’s Smoke, There’s Rhoda” – Mary and Rhoda try to be roommates. 

Harper played Rhoda on The Mary Tyler Moore Show from 1970 to 1974, winning three Supporting Actress Emmys, and then on Rhoda from 1974 to 1978, for which she won a Best Actress Emmy.

You can see two episodes of The Mary Tyler Moore Show each weekday at 2 pm on over-the-air channel Decades, or stream the entire series on Hulu. Next week, from September 9 to September 13, Decades will show Mary Tyler Moore episodes featuring Rhoda, followed at 3 pm by episodes of Rhoda.

For local over-the-air channel numbers, visit the “Where to Watch” pages of MeTV and Decades.

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  1. Sadly, CBS moved RHODA and GOOD TIMES to Saturdays in the fall of 1978…against NBC’s CHIPS – RHODA was canceled with 4-5 Unaired episodes and GOOD TIMES was held for months finally returning in the Spring but was given enough time to wrap things up – but it also had 2 episodes not aired until syndication – CBS didn’t want to air two extra weeks of the series!


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