‘Untouchable’ Weinstein

(Above: Harvey Weinstein. Source: YouTube video)

Hulu will debut Untouchable, a documentary about the notorious rise and fall of Harvey Weinstein, this Monday, September 2.

Untouchable examines the Hollywood ascent of Harvey and brother Bob as the indie geniuses behind Miramax and The Weinstein Company. As the Weinsteins accrued industry power, Harvey also gained a reputation for abusive behavior.

Director Ursula Macfarlane interviews former employees who recount the physical, emotional, professional and financial toll working with Weinstein took on their lives. Rosanna Arquette, Hope D’Amore, Paz de la Huerta, Erika Rosenbaum and others discuss how Weinstein allegedly harassed and assaulted them, and the shame and guilt that haunts them to this day.

The film also reflects on the #MeToo movement and the ”entertainment industry’s long overdue cultural reckoning.”

Below. Arquette discusses her experiences with Weinstein on Good Morning Britain:

For more, visit Hulu.

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