‘Emergence’ Emerges

(Photo: Allison Tolman comforts Alexa Swinton in ‘Emergence.’ Source: ABC)

I’ll admit it. The first nine minutes of Emergence, perhaps my next guilty pleasure, hooked me.

This sci-fi-tinged mystery series will debut over the air on ABC stations at 10 pm ET/PT on September 24, but you can already watch those first nine minutes on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter or right here:

Nine-minute spoiler alert: An air crash on the beach causes a short blackout in a small coastal town. The police chief (Allison Tolman) finds a young girl (Alexa Swinton) nearby who doesn’t remember anything. She’s brought to the local hospital but disappears from her room. Phony feds show up looking for her. She reappears in the back seat of the police chief’s car.

I’ll watch the entire first episode in a month. But if the little girl’s name turns out to be “Eleven,” I’m out of there. I’ve already seen Stranger Things.

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