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(Photo: Roger Moore as ‘The Saint.’ Source: Folk Facebook page)

A new classic TV service, first identified on-screen as “Folk TV” and now as “hapa,” has been spotted this month by Verizon Fios subscribers (on channel 229). But anyone, corded or not, can stream the channel free online. Simply called Folk, it’s available on the web at, or via Roku, iOS and Android.

What’s on Folk?

We especially like the channel’s weeknight trio of 1960s dramas starting at 9 pm ET – Secret Agent (starring a pre-Prisoner Patrick McGoohan); The Saint (starring a pre-James Bond Roger Moore) and Route 66 (co-starring a pre-Adam 12 Martin Milner). On Saturdays, the trio of shows gets replaced by three episodes of The Prisoner itself!


The Saint with Roger Moore. Weeknights on FOLK-TV. Dish CH 218 and now on ROKU and in all app stores. Search FOLK-TV

Posted by FOLK on Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Other Folk highlights include four straight episodes of Space: 1999 on Sunday afternoons, The Red Skelton Show leading off primetime weeknights at 8 pm, a live-action Conan the Adventurer Saturdays at 8 pm, and four episodes of the early anthology series Suspense late-night on Sundays.

For a photo montage of all Folk shows, visit For a complete schedule, we suggest visiting since’s own listings have yet to be updated this month

Let us know your own favorite Folk shows in the comments section below. For now, in the words of Folk mainstay Roy Rogers, “Happy Trails to You!”

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13 thoughts on “Stream Classics on Folk”

  1. I’m with Cheryl’s comment above, from October 24th 2020… Please bring back the episodes of Route 66 on Sunday afternoons. I watch on Frontier cable, channel 229… I miss that show, and didn’t get to see all the episodes.
    Thank you

  2. I can’t find your Network this week 1/25/2021 in southern NH, The Red Skelton show is my go to program. He was so talented and still makes me belly laugh…I need this program …please!

    • Thanks for your comment. The Savvy Screener is an independent publication, and not responsible for any decisions on the video programming we write about. You should direct your concerns directly to the Folk channel itself. And Red Skelton makes us laugh too!

  3. It shows that you are going to have on Route 66 and then when it gets close to the day before then it doesnt show its going to on. then the show is something else Why do you do that? if I cant see it I record it. Please put it back on I love the show

  4. Hello- I love watching Wise Guy on Folk tv BUT the arcs are all messed up- On this past Wednesday Wise Guy was in the middle of the Sonny Steelgrave arc and then Thursday 7/9 a brand new arc started ? Its very confusing . Finish one arc before you start a brand new one !

  5. You are once again off the air stating technical difficulties. If so, why does it take your engineers, or whatever, days on end to fix the problem? Patience my ass! You have a good station, problem is, it’s off as much as it’s on. Bad management? Stupidity? Not paying your bills? What?? Get with it people! Do your job! If you can’t run a station then find another profession.

  6. As a fan of this wonderful station, as well as the other stations that offer classic
    Tv from the 50’s and 60’s I think it would be a wonderful idea to make some suggestions Like…….bringing back the real McCoys, car 54 where are you, Donna Reed, I’m not complying because I love Ozzy and Harriet and rout 66
    Trouble with Father etc. YES this station is a very HAPA place to be!

  7. Wow, It took along time for your net work to get back on the air and it is wonderful to watch all of the fun programs that you have been showing till…………………………yesterday when the guide says one thing and the program is totally something different! So sad please return to the quality of program
    that we have grown to love.

    thank you Cappie Johnson a loyal fan

  8. Dear sir you need to rework your schedule you are saying that one show is on but the schedule on Comcast says another
    You have not put on the adventures of Ozzie and Harriet for over a week
    Why can’t you change the days it is on and put it on earlier like 2 1/2 hours starting at 10 pm

    • Thanks for your comment. The Savvy Screener is an independent publication, and not responsible for any decisions on the video programming we write about. You should direct your concerns directly to the content provider itself.


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