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(Photo: Bernardo Velasco and Julio Torres in the first episode of HBO’s ‘Los Espookys.’ Source: IMDb, © HBO)

We review HBO’s new Recommended by Humans site

I don’t use the word “unique” often, but more than 50 HBO titles are now available to stream free through Recommended by Humans, a unique site where you drag your cursor to either hear audio or read tweets of “real recommendations by real people.”

So I tried it out. I moved my cursor around and stopped on a tweet about a show I wasn’t familiar with: “If you have HBO, please, please, pleaaaase watch LOS ESPOOKYS! Fred Armisen’s Spanish is better than mine.”

I then had two choices: “Watch Trailer” or “Watch for Free.” I clicked on the former and found Los Espookys to be a weird, compelling mix of comedy and horror. So I intend to check out its first episode as well.

Next, I tried an audio recommendation. I clicked on a happy couple, hoping to find something my wife and I could enjoy together. The couple turned out to be Dylan and his mom Jacqueline. The latter stressed that she’s “not a TV watcher,” but they both highly recommended Succession. Dylan described the series as a “peek into the ultra-wealthy” that’s “very serious but with “super-morbid” jokes.

Again, the trailer seemed intriguing, but I felt a strange sense of déjà vu, as if I had already watched the first episode of Succession and decided not to continue on with the series. And so it goes with someone who, as my wife says, watches too much TV.

HBO says that Recommended by Humans has 36 video suggestions and over 150 tweet recommendations from “real HBO fans” (who, the site notes, have been paid for their participation). HBO added that the site will be updated regularly.

You can explore HBO’s free offerings by visiting Recommended by Humans at You can also go to to access HBO freebies directly on your own.

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