Happy Horror Days

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Into the Dark, Hulu’s monthly horror anthology series whose feature-length episodes are inspired by different holidays, drops its 11th installment today, August 2.

“School Spirit,” which marks the first day of school (the first day of school is now a holiday?), involves a group of students who, while in weekend detention, come face-to-face with their school’s ghosts.

The cast includes Corey Fogelmanis, Annie Q., Jessi Case, Julian Works, Philip Labes and Hugo Armstrong.

The series officially concludes its first 12-episode season on September 6 with “Pure,’ a nod to Daughter’s Day. Teen girls participating in a ritual at a purity retreat summon a supernatural entity. The girls must deal with the demon, as well as their fathers’ expectations.

That episode stars Jahkara Smith, McKaley Miller, Scott Porter, Annalisa Cochrane, Ciara Bravo, Jim Klock and T.C. Carter.

Previous holiday themes have included Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, The Fourth of July and International Women’s Day.

Into the Dark comes to Hulu from Blumhouse, the production company behind such horror classics as Get Out, The Purge and Paranormal Activity.

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