Netflix: ‘Another Life’

(Photo: Katee Sackhoff in ‘Another Life.’ Source: IMDb. Photo by Colin Bentley)

Katee Sackhoff, who a decade ago finished her five-year run as pilot “Starbuck” on Sci-Fi (now Syfy) Channel’s Battlestar Galactica, is back in the sci-fi saddle as star of Netflix’s new 10-episode thriller Another Life.

Sackoff plays Niko Breckinridge (no relation to Myra, we hope), the commander of an interstellar mission to a planet which has landed an alien artifact on Earth. Her husband (Justin Chatwin) stays behind to try to make first contact with the artifact.

Like Battlestar Gallactica, Another Life was filmed in British Columbia, Canada. And if the show’s title – or its trailer – seem a bit, well, soap opera-ish, a soap with that very title ran for 878 episodes in the early ‘80s on CBN Cable Network (now Freeform).

The new Another Life dropped today at

Battlestar Galactica is currently streaming on Amazon Prime.

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3 thoughts on “Netflix: ‘Another Life’”

  1. I really wanted to like this, I think Katee is worth watching, a talented actor. So, seeing comments that mirror what I thought makes me feel as though I am not being too hard on this series. The premise is simple and strong enough, but the dialog, yikes, it is just dreadful. Bad pacing, flat acting by everyone but Katee (I think she may have not done her best work here too) make this a chore rather than a joy to watch – and this is from someone who loves Sci Fi. Yeesh.

  2. Quotes from my wife while watching this show:
    1. “These people are on the most important mission in human history… Why do they look like they were all randomly picked up from the food court at the mall?”
    2. “It’s like everyone on the ship is speaking English, but no one actually understands English – who wrote this show?”
    3. “Why does every person they left asleep seem to be infinitely more qualified than the people who are awake?”
    4. “This might be the dumbest show I’ve ever seen.”

  3. Show had promise for the first the first minute but then as always you have people who are suppose to be professionals acting like children doing all manner of reckless and stupid stuff. Hell in the first episode they make a point of saying anyone over 27 yr old is worthless. This screams that if you have a brain and know how to “adult” then this show isn’t for you.

    The show’s gaping plot holes this is absolutely nothing more than an attempt to have a diversity hire cast to show case… woman power, trans-people can do it too, and men are weak or overly aggressive.

    lt;dr Netflix fail again


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